Energy Security & Geopolitics – Historical Brief and Current Germaneness

"In a world of increasing interdependence, energy security will depend much on how countries manage their relations with one another. That is why energy security will be one of the main challenges of foreign policy in the years ahead. Oil and gas have always been political commodities." Plot:- The impact of energy on global security and economy is clear and profound, and this is why in recent year’s energy security has become a source of concern to most countries. However, energy security means different things to different countries based on their geographic location, their endowment of resources their strategic and economic conditions. In this short review I would try to build a overview of the world's energy system and its vulnerabilities and underlay growing concern over energy security. The underlying intent would be to host a debate about the feasibility of resource conflicts and covers issues such as the threat of terrorism to the global Politics in the energy sys…